Göteborg Rivercity

Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, is facing a quantum leap of urban development in the heart of the city. Based on a mix of idealism and the necessity for sustainable development, new sprawl in the region is rejected in favor of developing the current low dynamic and desolated harbor areas near the centre. In an international workshop (RiverCity Gothenborg) several international design teams were invited to propose ideas and concepts for this enormous challenge.
ZUS joined Team Güller Güller and proposed a strategy based on the Swedish Allemansrätten: the river is for everyone. Introducing a new park on the River, two new urban streets and three diverse developments cores, a new framework for development was presented. The park will generate a public space for everybody in a segregated city. The streets improve the connection between the banks of the river, especially for cyclists and pedestrians. RiverCity looks today like a ‘little Los Angeles’ and must be transformed into a pedestrian city, connected to the urban pattern of Old Gothenborg. The qualities of dense urban areas is activated around some existing cores. The Rivercity is firmly anchored in the mental map of the Gothenborg people by proposing a polycentric network of three more subcentres next to the saturated city centre.


Name: Göteborg Rivercity
Location: Göteborg, Sweden
Date: 2012
Area: 450 m2
Client: Municipality of Gothenborg
Jointly with: Güller Güller: GGAU