Happy Sheep

For the Dutch Pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai ZUS designed several different sheep that function as a seating landscape for the visitors of the pavilion. After their success at the World Expo in Shanghai, Gispen decided to add the sheep to their collection. They are available in four different sizes:
> Father sheep: 50 (w) x 100 (l) x 85 cm (h)
> Mother sheep: 40 (w) x 95 (l) x 73 cm (h)
> Lamb: 24 (w) x 62 (l) x 38 cm (h)
> Grand generation: 43 (w) x 86 (l) x 58 cm (h)

For order information, contact Gispen:
T +31 (0)345 474 211
E info@gispen.nl


Photography by WassinkLundgren

Name: Happy Sheep
Design: 2010
Client: Happy Street BV
Thanks to: John Kormeling, Hans Lensvelt
Status: Available