Re-public issues a resounding statement about the future of contemporary urban space. It collects the observations of ZUS, the Rotterdam-based design bureau and 2007 winner of the Rotterdam-Maaskant Prize for Young Architects in a forceful, proactive gesture. With an investigative approach that is explicitly boundary-breaking, the many tangible projects included in this book range from the micro level to the macro: from clothing and design via architecture and urban design to large-scale interventions in the landscape. Combining observation and action, this book is an eye-opener for anyone who is active in the contemporary city and a source of inspiration for all designers who are prepared to broaden their horizons.


Name: Re-public: Towards a new spatial politics
Author: Elma van Boxel & Kristian Koreman [ZUS]
Edited by: Veronique Patteeuw with Marcel Witvoet
Design: Aagje Martens with Karel Martens
Date: 2007
Language: Dutch / English
ISBN: 978-90-5662-625-9
Price: 24,50 euro
Publisher: NAi Publishers