MONU #12


MONU - magazine on urbanism is a unique bi-annual international forum for artists, writers and designers that are working on topics of urban culture, development and politics. Each issue collects essays, projects and photographs from contributors from all over the world to a given topic. Thus MONU examines topics that are important to the future of our cities and urban regions from a variety of perspectives.
For the twelfth issue of MONU ZUS contributed an article on Rotterdam Nooit Gebouwd. The magazine features all the panoramas of the exhibition in black and orange print.


Name: Unbuilt Rotterdam
Date: February 2010
Author: ZUS
Edited by: Bernd Upmeyer
Design: Alice Gregoire, Kobe Macco
Language: English
ISBN: 1860-3211
Price: 22,50 euro / year
Publisher: Board Publishers