ZUS wins European Urban Design and Planning Award


ZUS, together with Maat Ontwerpers en Ruimte Vlaanderen, have been selected as the winner of the tenth European Urban Design and Planning Award. The redevelopment strategy for the old mining region Centraal Limburg has been lauded for its innovative approach and its strong focus on civic engagement. More information on the award can be found here. More information on the project is coming soon.


From the jury raport:

The scheduled closure of Ford Genk - one of Limburg’s main economic engines - presents the region with a major societal challenge. The Government of Flanders is implementing a major investment programme aimed at strengthening existing economic activity, accelerating new initiatives and promoting innovative practices while the region is undergoing a radical spatial reorganization.
The Territorial Development Programme introduces a broad area-based regional programme with a strong focus on territorial cohesion for the entire region. The jury finds the strategic and planned approach to solving a wide range of social, economic and environmental issues through various action programmes, to be a particularly good example of planning for regeneration on a regional scale. The approach is innovative and its success depends on contributions from a comprehensive range of skills.
A central element in the programme is the RE-MINE ambition to create a new sustainable energy landscape in the mining areas. The jury was impressed by the way in which an experimental approach to the development and diversification of sustainable energy production and distribution has been adopted. At the same time, the old mining landscapes are gradually undergoing a greening process, converting them into parkland and national park thereby increasing the amenity of the area as well as improving sustainability.
The jury consider by the way in which a multitude of public agencies have managed to coordinate their activities with numerous private interests to be an outstanding example of planning and management in a very complex context of interacting interests. The programme also has a strong focus on civic engagement and participation.