IABR 2009, Open City: Designing Coexistence - Vrijstaat Amsterdam

27-09-2009 - 08.11.2009

For the International Architecture Biennial of Rotterdam 2009, the city of Amsterdam organized Vrijstaat Amsterdam; an exhibition on the future of urban planning in Amsterdam. The central question was how urban planning and architecture can help to guarantee and optimize the civil liberties of the 19th century free-state of Amsterdam. ZUS designed a Vrijstraat for the Nieuwe Diep area: a ‘small scale megastructure’ which connects neighborhoods, people, plants and animals. The structure consists of two parts: the Spinoza promenade and the Rue Descartes. These two public streets both facilitate living and working but have totally different characters: the first will be organic and green, the second angular and urban. Together they form a circuit that runs through very different areas – the Indische Buurt, the Science Park, Diemen, IJburg and Zeeburgereiland. This circuit will tear down barriers, will guarantee public space and connect current and future attractions.


Video here!

Name: Vrijstaat Amsterdam