26-01-2007 - 02.02.2007

In the smallest gallery in the world ZUS presented a project from the series 'Unasked advice for the city'. For only one week the window in de Witte de Withstraat shows Brugstad, a plan for turning thr river Maas into a part of the city.


Since the harbor is slowly leaving the city of Rotterdam, it becomes clear that the scale of the city centre is determined by see ships. It used to make sense when the quays were constantly in use. Nowadays we’re facing a ‘water wall’ which is rigorously dividing the city in North and South. It like the Berlin wall with three holes in it. In an attempt to break down this wall we propose to change the current high-rise and skyscrapers into groundscrapers and let them reach from side to side of the river Maas. The only regulation that will be made is the public access of the roof. In this way the city gets its bridges for free and many have a unique place to live. The Maas turns into a Brugstad.

Name: Brugstad