Amsterdam 2.0: City of inverted space

22-12-2005 - 29.01.2006

How would our cities operate if there were no longer a unified system of laws to monitor the boundaries between the private and public domain? This project examined the possibilities for the public domain on the basis of a scenario with a polycentric legal system. The chaos of individual forces would in the first instance lead to an amalgamation of more or less private spaces, occupying the city as a whole. The public space of the past would no longer exist. In due course this confused situation would give rise to new connections based on shared norms and values. A higher form of organisation would emerge, comparable to the formation of tornados, where ‘windless’ places form with nearly mathematical precision in an otherwise stormy field. These places would be new concentration points for the public domain. A life-sized installation of glued models of tornados represents the invisible working of this new relationship between the private and public domain. It makes clear that public domains do not come about as a matter of course, and that their formation requires strict demarcation lines.


Name: Amsterdam 2.0