Indesem billboard revealed


Last week Indesem 2007 took place at the TU delft with  the main theme: The Legacy. What can architects do in the future to contribute to a better city? Can we  come up with solutions that can solve big issues, like climate change  and social segregation? This big task resulted in 17 billboards,  hanging all over the city, commenting on the local situation.
As kick- off of the Biennale Rotterdam the first billboard was presented to the public. ZUS has led one of the groups on the locations  Museumpark and Erasmus University.


Museumpark 2067 Groene Hart 1400-2050, several artists.
Due to the climate change and lack of regional planning the Green Hart of the Randstad disappeared.  The city of Rotterdam felt obliged to preserve a piece of this man  made landscape. By turning the formerly unarticulated public space  into a clearly institutionalized domain and connecting it intensively  to the surrounding program the park enforces the readability of the  city.
Thanks to the inspiring student group: Jetske Bomer, Ferhan Celebi, Dimitra Dantsiou,  Seong Heon Oh, Jure Herceg, Aya Nataka, Joost Oosterwijk, Sofia de Vocht, Yingying Zhang.